Australian Online Backup

18/12/2011 12:47

Online backup services are commonly referred to as remote or managed backup services. They provide clients with a place to store their computer files that are taking up too much space on their computer. Most online backup services have a client-based system that runs during the night when computers are generally not in use and they collect, compress, encrypt, and transfer the data to off-site hardware. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Australian Online Backup.

Downloading Programs

Online backup services are in an abundance and are available from a large amount of different companies. Most online backup companies allow you to download a computer program on to your desktop or laptop that allows you to choose files that you want to backup or store elsewhere. Another feature of a downloadable backup program is that you can generally choose a schedule that will automatically backup your files to the off-site hardware.

"Drag and Drop" Method

Since the majority of online backup services offer you a program to download onto your computer there are different ways that they can make the backup service easier for first time users such as the "drag and drop" method. Instead of having to copy and paste every file location, you can click on the files that you want to store and drop them into a backup set. These backup sets are accessible from any web-enabled PC as long as you have your username and password readily available.

How Long Does it Take?

The very first time that you decide to backup your files online is going to be the longest wait time. Generally it can take up to several hours for the program to scan and backup all of the files on your hard drive. Although that sounds inconvenient, it is the only time that the service will take that long. Once the set up is complete, the online backup service will only have the need to backup any new files or files that haven't been changed which will cut down the program's time drastically.

Online backup services are a great way that you can store your files without having to worry about your computer crashing or your hard drive failing. Losing your personal files is a factor that every owner of a computer has to consider because it can happen to you at anytime. With the convenience of online backup, you can feel assured that your files will be safe for eternity regardless of whether your computer breaks or your hard drive fails. With the advancements in technology, backup services now offer more accessible ways for the average computer user to learn and understand the methods of backup storage. For example, if you are less proficient in computers you can find a service that offers the "drag and drop" method or if you are the type of person who likes to have more control over their data, you can select the file pathway and actually have the program select specific files to be stored at specific times of day. Overall, online backup storages are services that can give you peace of mind and promise you that your files will be safe. For more info, visit Australian Online Backup.