Better Energy

15/12/2011 10:55

Health drinks are for individuals who want more.• More time
More energy
More, more, more, more!Calling all energy addicts, caffeine freaks, type A's in search of the A+.If this is you - attempting to cram more into your 24 hours than is humanly possible and you're in the habit of reaching for the energy drink for help, then listen up!If you could have your energy drink's same energizing benefits, along with healthy, natural, superfoods in a single nutritional beverage, would you try it? If you are interested to know more, take a look at Better Energy. NASA did!It's true. NASA actually endorses a healthy energy drink in their nutritional sciences. The astronauts drink this during earth-bound conditioning and in-flight physical maintenance. NASA spends a lot of money training and conditioning their astronauts and since the US space program began they have been the leaders in health and technology.While many drinks contain beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, and natural products such as ginseng, almost all contain something called "energy blend." Quite the opposite of energy drinks filled with large amounts of caffeine which gives you temporary energy but is followed by a sudden crash and jittery feeling, healthy energy blends will help your body's immune system and provide long lasting energy.Forget about the crash after real health drinks with natural fruits that are known to provide energy. As Americans have become more and more health conscious they have found that many natural fruits provide a large amount of antioxidants and other health benefits in just one serving. You may have already heard of the Acai berry from the Brazilian rainforest.Another fruit that is up and coming in the natural health industry is the Cupuacu berry. It's pronounced, "coo poo wa sue". It's been used for many, many years by in Brazil and is known as the "pharmacy in a fruit". They use it in deserts such as ice cream and parfaits. The fruit is so new to America that you can only get it at Brazilian restaurants and on the internet.  It has been said that the Cupuacu berry is the superfood of superfoods.Energy drinks that contain this fruit combined will actually boost your immune system, WHILE pumping your energy! And it has a great taste when combined with other sweet fruits and berries! Some say a little chocolaty. (Think chocolate covered kiwis.) You will feel energized but not jittery. Allowing you to be alert, productive and calm at the same time. For more info, visit Better Energy.