Divorce solicitor

08/07/2012 21:42


Trust me; it happens to many people. These individuals set out on a wild weekend of fun and drinking with their friends and they wake up Monday morning in a hotel room next to a stranger only to realize they are married. While it may seem like it is a bit funny and you can both laugh it off the fact of the matter is that you both entered into a legal contract that requires an actual divorce lawyer NJ to assist in breaking it up.If you are interested to know more, check out Divorce solicitor 
 Well, it is likely that the man or woman that a person wakes up lying next to is likely not their soul mate. In several conditions it is possible to have a crazy weekend and meet the person of your dreams but assuming that is not the case it is probably time to call an appropriate divorce lawyer. Likely, your fears will be assuaged and you will soon be able to move forward confident in the knowledge that while this was sort of a dumb thing to do actually it will probably have very few negative ramifications.
 As a matter of fact regardless of all the love and tenderness our modern world has put into the act of marriage it is, and always basically has been, a contract and a transaction. While this fact may cheapen the concept of romantic love and the white dress and whatnot it has the advantage of allowing you the alternative to annul the marriage. In general, you cannot enter a legal agreement when you are intoxicated as well as so the contract is null and void. Simply put, it will require a divorce lawyer NJto file the paperwork and do some work to prove that the union was entered into falsely but it should be a sort of a no brainer.
 Of course, further comfort should come from the fact that any assets you had before the marriage ceremony are entirely one's own. Even if you accidentally got hitched to a person who is crazy and wants to try and take half of your home or assets they are unlikely to be successful. First and foremost, because you were not together for very long however also because property you owned before hand is not a marital asset and hence not eligible for division. In case if it seems that they are going to try and pursue taking some of your assets be sure to contact your divorce lawyer NJ.For more info, visit this site.