Dog Names

17/12/2011 21:05

The excitement of getting a new puppy can be effusive! The joy that pets especially dogs give us can be immense and it is often a family affair to sit and decide how to name your little puppy! From time immemorial dogs have been kept as pets for a host of different reasons. The early man had a faithful dog to help him hunt and gather food. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Dog Names. They were good companions in the jungles while the men went in search of game. Naming them to give them a more meaningful and personal attachment feeling has been there for a very long time.The affection that dogs have for their masters can be to such a great extent that they will for years after their master's death still remember their routines and rituals. A famous story from Japan about a faithful dog, Hachiko, which waited patiently each day at the train station for his master even years after the master had died can bear proof to dog's loyalty.Naming a dog can be a wonderful exercise owing to the love and thought we put into picking just the right name. Depending on the dog's characteristics, maybe physical appearance, shaggy mane or tiny body or is nature-maybe a playful, bashful, cute or even fierce, the names can reflect these traits.A dog's name is also reflective on the master! Little girls are prone to naming their dogs after cute things! Using names such as Bubbles! Or Cuddles! Boys name their dogs after more boyish things! Maybe Ruff!The dog's name can be a based on a famous person the master is inspired by. There are countless dogs that have been names Aristotle or Plato! Naming them after famous scientists like the dog in the famous movie "Back to the Future" is called Einstein. Or Newton is another popular name. It often says a lot about the person who owns the dog.Some people just wish to name their dogs after things they love. Calling a dog Happy can be such a joy! It reminds the master of all the happy times and is constant reminder to be happy as well.
Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. Taking care of your dog can bring you the satisfaction and there is so much in return on can receive. And naming the dogs is just the thing to start with to begin a lifelong relationship! For more info, visit Dog Names.