Fermented Cod Liver Oil

11/12/2011 04:27

The significance of cod fish oil has been over exaggerated. While many benefits do exist regarding cod fish oil (or cod liver oil) it is not necessarily as good as it is promoted to be by manufacturers.The benefits it does have, however, were discovered in the early years of the 20th century. Scientists found a direct link between the consumption of cod liver oil and high levels of vitamins A and D in the body.Cod liver oil is formed by a mixture of sea water and cod liver after a year-long fermentation. As vitamin D is needed in the uptake of calcium from the small intestines, and calcium contributes to bone strength, vitamin D helps prevents rickets -- where the bones soften and bend outwards. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Fermented Cod Liver Oil. It was therefore given to children regularly as they grew.New benefits of cod liver oil have been discovered as science has evolved, but differences between cod liver oil and normal fish oil exist. This article will attempt to compare the two.Omega 3 fatty acids are prevalent in both fish based oil and cod liver oil. However, although this means they both contain DHA and EPA, it is fish oils that have a higher ratio of DHA and EPA. This is important because it is indicative of a larger supply of nutrients, which has many benefits -- helping with the brain function, fighting depression and making the immune system stronger.But cod liver oil, unlike fish oil, provides vitamins A and D in large quantities.This helps to strengthen the bones and maintain clarity of vision (although fish oil does this too.) Vitamin A also promotes skin health, gene regulation and the function of the immune system.Vitamin D can be produced by our bodies when we soak up the rays of the sun and also through the consumption of particular food. As stated earlier, a deficiency of vitamin D can lead to brittle bones. It can also result in a higher incidence rate of cardiovascular problems.Cod fish oil therefore brings us many benefits to our health. However, just before it sounds too good to be true, there are problems. If we absorb too much of vitamins A and D it can amount to toxic levels, which can result in a myriad of consequences.A toxic concentration of vitamin D has been linked to nausea and even vomiting (not to mention renal failure.)In addition to this, vomiting, unfocused vision, sore heads, loss of hair and fatigue are symptoms of too much vitamin D.Fish based oil, however, doesn't contain these vitamins and this means that there is no risk of overuse of vitamins A and D. Similarly, deleterious free radicals can be eliminated by compounds found in the fish oil.There is also a difference between where cod liver oil and fish based oil is found.Fish based oils are found in found in marine life such a hoki, halibut, sardines and salmon, and these are fish which are usually found in unpolluted waters.In comparison, cod liver oil are renowned for being found in polluted waters. These type of habitats may contain impurities like lead, mercury and PCBs, and over exposure to these contaminants can give rise to serious health problems. And, in some cases, death.Despite this, both cod fish oil and regular fish oil can benefit your health. My only advise would be that, if you decide on taking cod fish oil, do not go over the stated dose and that if you are unsure of anything (anything!) ask your physician. For more info, visit Fermented Cod Liver Oil.