How to Stop Anxiety

21/12/2011 09:39

Experiencing the signs and symptoms of anxiety frequently can really affect your life negatively. If you want to stop being anxious and cure your anxiety, apply the anxiety panic disorder treatments discussed in this piece.

 A common mental health problem experienced by many people nowadays is the so called anxiety panic disorder. If you are interested to know more, take a look at How to Stop Anxiety. A person who has this exhibits the signs and symptoms of anxiety almost all the time such as: palpitations in the heart, sweating, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, and many more. If you wish to stop being anxious or if you want to cure your anxiety (who doesn't), it is best that you make use of the following treatments:


 First and foremost, you have to exercise regularly, devoting at least 30 minutes each day. You see, your attacks are triggered usually by high levels of stress, and one way to decrease stress is by regularly exercising. Simply jogging, walking your dog, riding a bike, and so on, are recommended exercises for people with anxiety panic disorder. Remember too that exercise encourages the brain to release endorphins that will make you feel good, therefore, the signs and symptoms of anxiety are lessened.

 Repeating positive statements over and over on a daily basis can also help you stop being anxious. If you fill your head with negative thoughts, you'll surely be stressed out and you'll feel the panic, fear, and worrying start to occur. If you think positive, on the other hand, it will be easier for you to cure your anxiety. Everyday, repeat positive statements to yourself a few times, and realize how you have transformed from a pessimist to an optimist and how your anxiety panic disorder symptoms have started going away.

 Engaging in deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, is also effective against the signs and symptoms of anxiety. The techniques mentioned actually causes relaxation to your mind, body, and your soul, thus, they are recommended to people who desire to stop being anxious. Other relaxation techniques that are worth doing include: having a body massage from time to time, aroma therapy, and the like. Reducing your intake, or if possible, avoiding caffeinated beverages, is also a must do if you want to cure your anxiety.

 Laughing often is also recommended to people who are anxious. As the saying goes: -˜Laughter is the best medicine'. You should spend more time with funny people, or those who never fail to make you laugh; watch comedy TV series; go to a comedy bar, and so on.

 Do not let anxiety panic disorder win over you. You can significantly reduce or even put an end to the signs and symptoms of anxiety, in other words, you can really stop being anxious if you employ the techniques shared in this write up.

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