Isle of Wight

28/12/2011 01:33

Isle of Wight B&Bs are assessed in a different way to Isle of Wight hotels, with the emphasis being on guest care and quality rather than the facilities available. Bed and breakfast accommodation assessed by the AA from January 2006 onwards is graded using a star rating, but was previously graded with a diamond rating. Establishments are awarded one star at the simplest level up to five stars at the luxury end, based on an assessment of cleanliness, service, bedroom comfort, bathroom facilities and the standard of food. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Isle of Wight.
 There are numerous Isle of Wight bed and breakfasts to suit all tastes and budgets including Breakfast at Tiffany´s, Holly Lodge and Sandy Lane to name but a few. 1 Star: A clean establishment, offering a minimal service with a full cooked or substantial continental breakfast available. 2 Star: A courteous and helpful service. Breakfast is prepared with a good level of care and bedrooms are comfortable. 3 Star: A positive and friendly service. Breakfast will be prepared using good quality ingredients. Rooms will be well-appointed and comfortable. 4 Star: An attentive and welcoming service. Breakfast is prepared using fresh ingredients with a high degree of care. Rooms have comfortable beds and furnishings of high quality. 5 Star: Guests are made to feel at home and extra services are offered. Breakfast is of an excellent quality, prepared using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Rooms have comfortable beds and furnishings of excellent quality. Whatever level of Isle of Wight B&B accommodation you choose, you can expect the following minimum standards: * Friendly, professional check in and check out, with a properly prepared bill. * Comfortable rooms equipped to modern standards. * Furniture and soft furnishings in good condition. Bedding and towels changed for each new guest and at least weekly if the room is taken for a long stay. * Adequate storage, heating, lighting and a sufficient hot water supply. * Full, cooked breakfast, but if this is not provided, the fact must be advertised and a continental breakfast given instead. For more info, visit Isle of Wight.