21/12/2011 01:11

Easter is a celebration of rebirth both spiritually and physically. It is a spring holiday that welcomes in new growth and flowering. Trees are budding, flowers are slowly blooming, lawns are greening and the days grow longer. The dark and cold of winter give way to a new optimism filled with sun, warmth and cheer. The religious origins of Easter are an integral part of the Christian holiday but do not preclude people of all faiths to celebrate the more secular side of this seasonal holiday. There is plenty to enjoy as the bunnies, chicks, children's baskets filled with candy and family gatherings present another side of Easter. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Kistka. So no matter your beliefs, we can all celebrate the new awakenings that happen each year with the onset of springtime. I always love Easter dinner. I keep it simple by buying or ordering a honey baked ham. Add some yummy scalloped potatoes, a colorful jello mold filled with fruit and some fresh roasted or sautéed vegetables and my menu is set. I also do Easter as a buffet. Some times we have brunch, other years it is an early dinner depending on everyone's schedules. . No matter how much you try to avoid it, Easter is an all day sugar festival for the kids so it is always best to have your dinner earlier than later. Let them eat something of substance before they fill up on all the Easter candy.When the kids were smaller, we always enjoyed making Easter favors for everyone. Sometimes we did small plants or flowers, decorated the pot, added the recipient's name with paint marker, wrapped it in ribbon and added in some dyed and decorated eggs that we had made together. These could be set around the table as placeholders too. Decorating the eggs was an event in itself. There are some many creative egg decorating kits at the stores. So you can dye, paint, stamp, sticker, glue and even draw on eggs! The key is to keep this event age appropriate. It takes all the fun out of the project if they can't do it themselves or what they make looks terrible.So make sure your egg decorating activity will meet the age criteria.An egg hunt is also a popular Easter tradition.In our family, we never hid the eggs. We hid the baskets. Easter morning would have the kids running around the house to find their baskets. Our family tradition happened later in the day when all the cousins and friends were over for dinner. We wouldfollow the Easter BunnyTrail.The kids would be all over the neighborhood finding the clues that the Bunny had left. Like Hansel and Gretel's trail, the Bunny left a trail of clues that would lead the kids to the ultimate Easter Basket with goodies for one and all. Rain or shine, adults and kids would all be out there together chasing the Bunny and his clever clues. It was truly such a fun tradition, that when the kids were in high school, we actually did it for all their friends. It was a huge success. Just goes to show that you are never too old to celebrate Easter!There aremore great ideas for Easter recipes, decorations and even sample clues to help you stage your own Bunny Trail Hunt at Celebration Ideas Online. For more info, visit Kitska.