Nikon AW100 review

21/12/2011 11:19

Nikon digital camera have launched some interesting high-end models recently in the Indian market, but the mid-cost and low-cost models generally suffer from iffy picture quality. To meet with the growing demand Nikon has announced the many digital cam which not only affordable but produces a wonderful image quality as well. The camera collection of Nikon provides plenty of functions for photographer who prefers a camera with more than one button. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Nikon AW100 review.

Buying the Nikon digital cam you will not only enjoy the photography but also saves your pennies by purchasing a worthwhile camera. Nikon digital cam price is varying upon the budget and taste of the buyer.

But it is also that if your buying budgets will little high you will garb the much better digital camera that offers you video capture, as well as better performance and photo quality, moreover you will get a lot more to choose from. Recently the Nikon has released very brilliant featured and stunning looking digital camera that is Nikon COOL PIX AW100. It is very innovative digital camera and enriched with the all advanced features which easily meet with all your requirements.

The some exclusive features offered by this Nikon digi camera are waterproof, shock-proof, and cold-resistant. It is available in very vibrant color shades such as Black, Orange, Camouflage, and Blue. This Nikon digital camera price in Delhi is near about Rs.16, 950 only. The price may vary as per the dealers location like may be this Nikon digital camera price in Chennai may be differ. The retail box of Nikon COOL PIX AW100 contains Pouch + 4GB SD Card + HDMI Cable. To know more about this camera just stay tuned with this article.

The AW100 provide great specifications for shooting in the rigorous conditions presented with outdoor activities such as swimming and diving, or while hiking or skiing. The camera is perfect for the rough and tough use. If you are planning to go out in adventurous trip with your family or friends then don't forget to pick AW100 camera with you. The camera is waterproof to approximately 10 meters, shock-proof with a fall of up to approximately 1.5 meters, and can withstand cold air temperatures as low as - 10°C (14°F).

To check out the complete collection of Nikon digital camera comes to the official site of brand and gather the full information with actual features and price. To buy the Nikon digital camera, log on to the free classified sites where you will get offers and discounts as well. For more info, visit Nikon AW100 review.