Portrait Painting

11/12/2011 09:18

Special events: A pet portrait painting from photo. Fast, affordable, dog lover gift.

 A dog portrait is one of best choices you can choose as a present for many people and in many occasions. Here are some ideas on how to choosing the right photo for the pet portrait to make a great dog gift later. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Portrait Painting.


 Special Occasions

 You might also want to consider a dog gift including an image of your dog at a special event. For example, maybe it's your Saint Bernard's first birthday. You could take a photo of the birthday cake, a party hat, and your dog standing by all of the presents. All of these pictures could be combined into one fun portrait. Something similar would be great for your puppy's first Christmas.

 The Whole Family

 Another image you might want to capture is an entire litter of puppies. If you dog just became a mother, those puppies aren't going to stay tiny and adorable for long. Instead of missing out on a way to capture these images forever, take a photo and have it turned into a beautiful portrait that will preserve those puppies at that age.

 Perfect Pairs

 One interesting idea for your dog painting is to combine two photos of your dog. For example, if you have a Great Dane, you might want to send in a puppy picture and an adult photo. Having these two shots combined into one image can be a wonderful dog lover gift that captures one of the most delightful parts of pet ownership: watching your little puppy grows into a full grown dog. For more info, visit Portrait Painting.