Rug Cleaners Sydney

18/12/2011 15:13

Carpet Cleaning for Winter Health Carpets can improve indoor air quality by acting as a filter similar to your central heating and cooling system. They trap circulating particles that are pulled by gravity to the floor. However, when they become soiled, the filtering benefit becomes reduced. Therefore, you should have carpet cleaning and rug cleaning performed by professional carpet cleaners and rug cleaners to remove the accumulated soils, pollen, food particles and other contaminants. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Rug Cleaners Sydney. Health considerations for removing pollutants from your carpets and rugs: · Children playing on the carpet · Allergy and Asthma considerations from dust and allergens · Dust Allergies from Dust Mite Components · Reducing the potential of biologically induced illness

 Your Carpet is Like a Sink Filter Your carpet acts as a filter similar to the one in your central heating and cooling system because it traps accumulated soils, pollen, food particles, and other contaminants. Regular professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is about more than appearance, it is about health. People come in and out of your home; pets live there; you eat, sleep, and breathe there. That means air control is important. A clean carpet traps circulating particles pulled by gravity from the air to the floor. The indoor air quality is improved until the carpet fibers become saturated. Then, their filtering benefit is reduced by allowing the trapped particle to be released back into the air. It is as important to have your carpet cleaning and rug cleaning performed regularly by professionals and it is also important to change your heating/air-conditioning filters regularly.


 Dust mites are another issue to consider Around 70% of the people who have house dust allergies are also sensitive to air borne "Mite Components" (protein in their fecal pellets and dead body parts). Dust mites feed off of microscopic fragments of human skin cells as well as fungi and bacteria. Because a person sheds approximately 50 million skin cells a day, dust mites can have an abundant food supply available in a dirty carpet. Regular carpet cleaning and rug cleaning by professionals is recommended to control the significant health problems linked to dust allergies. Action to improve indoor air quality and minimize allergens to breathe ·Change your heating & cooling system filters regularly ·Install entry mats to reduce the amount of dirt particles entering the building. For more info, visit Rug Cleaners Sydney.